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Newsletter - Autumn 2019
Our new Gas Guide is another Queensland first.
New Gas Guide for Landholders

The Gas Guide pulls together all the information landholders need to know about gas development on their land into one document.

It covers everything from the awarding of exploration permits through to rehabilitation of the gas field.

It’s the first time all the information has been compiled into one easy to read, updateable ring binder by an independent authority.

It’s a customisable ready reckoner for everything gas in Queensland.

The guide is broken into 11 chapters including a roadmap that landholders can put up on the office wall to follow the various stages of gas development and find the information they need.

As new information becomes available or other information becomes obsolete, the Commission will update individual chapters and landholders can simply replace the old one in their ring binder.

As part of the distribution process, landholders will be asked if they want to receive updates and the Commission can mail them out as they’re printed.

The Gas Guide is also available online on the GasFields Commission website.

The information in The Gas Guide can be used for educational purposes, as a reference guide, to help develop business plans, prepare for meetings or whatever else a landholder might need.

Commission staff will have the guides available at future information sessions or you can register online to have a guide mailed out.

The Gas Guide is another initiative designed to give people the information they need to make informed decisions about their business.

Queensland is the first state to develop a commercially viable onshore gas industry so it makes sense for the GasFields Commission to be developing Australian first initiatives to support all stakeholders.

The Gas Guide joins the GasApp as another Queensland first.

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A sequence of events

The enclosed Roadmap for The Gas Guide illustrates the standard chronology of events that occur when a resource company is operating on private land.

Pin it on a wall, put it in a drawer or use it as a bookmark. Whatever you do, keep it handy.

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Receive updates

The Gas Guide will be updated as needed to reflect changes to regulation, processes and current research.

Register online if you would like to be notified when we release updates and we can send them out to you.

There is no wrong door

We've been working with other agencies on a new collaborative approach to engagement with the simple message - there is no wrong door.

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Biosecurity: it's everyone's responsibility

We're tackling biosecurity challenges associated with major infrastructure with a series of property mapping workshops around Queensland.

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Support Respect Balance
The GasFields Commission is an independent body that supports balanced and respectful relationships between landholders, government, regional communities and the gas industry.
Gas Industry
how can we help?
We're continuing to develop practical tools to help people find the information they need.
Get connected with GasApp
GasApp is an easy-to-use phone application that delivers customised gas industry information to your fingertips.
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Add value to negotiations
GasApp's Compensation Estimator is a step-by-step guide to help landholders understand their entitlements.
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