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Newsletter - summer 2019
Our challenge for 2019 is to make our information more accessible to meet the needs of all stakeholders across Queensland.
Accessible information

Good communication is a key element of almost every success.

A challenge for the GasFields Commission is how to communicate effectively in a huge area of Queensland that has vastly different qualities of communications technology.

This year, we're focusing on further meeting the needs of all our stakeholders by developing a wide range of products for people to be able to access accurate and up-to-date information.

We're planning a series of hands-on workshops across the state to bring useful information to our regional stakeholders.

These workshops will introduce the content in our printed Gas Guide which is in its final stages of publication and will encompass practical information for landholders expecting gas development in their area.

For our mobile audience, we will continue to improve the functionality of our GasApp
and build helpful content for its users. GasApp was launched late last year and has received fantastic support from landholders, valuers and industry.

We will also continue to use our social media channels - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram - to circulate current information and sometimes a little fun.

This edition of our seasonal newsletter provides a sample of our recent releases.

We're looking forward to further tailoring our communication and engagement techniques this year to suite the diverse needs of our stakeholders.

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highlights of 2018

Our little team of 10 staff punched well above its weight throughout 2018. We engaged with more than 3400 stakeholders across the state and released a range of publications, tips, checklists and other tools to bring accurate information to the gas fields. Read the highlights of our year.

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why a compensation estimator?

GasApp's Compensation Estimator provides a step-by-step guide to better understand compensation entitlements for gas development. Read about the logic behind developing the Estimator and some case studies from those who've used it.

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Our insight videos have been doing the rounds this year on social media. Visit our YouTube channel to watch stories from those who live and work in the gas fields. We'll continue sharing these videos in 2019 so keep an eye on the hashtag #Queensland1st.

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Practical guidance

We continue to develop practical tools to help guide people through the complex processes that regulate the gas industry. Our bore assessment checklist and make good agreement decision table are some of the ways we're helping to clarify the make good process for bore owners and gas companies.

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Support Respect Balance
The GasFields Commission is an independent body that supports balanced and respectful relationships between landholders, government, regional communities and the gas industry.
Gas Industry
how can we help?
One of our many roles is to compile and distribute accurate information about the gas industry.
Drilling technology
A gas well once took a week or more to drill but can now be done in a matter of days.
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the facts
Find the latest facts, statistics and data from a wide range of sources all in one place.
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