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Newsletter - Autumn 2018
Latest industry statistics show the petroleum and gas industry has
contributed $418 million in royalties to the state government since 2010,
invested $4.3 billion in exploration since 2007 and
supported 1380 regional businesses in 2016/17.
the facts

Any business owner will tell you that to make good decisions you first need to have good information.

The problem is that there is so much information swirling around cyberspace these days that it can be hard to sort fact from fiction.

One of our key roles is to address that problem by collecting and disseminating accurate information about the Queensland gas industry to key stakeholders to help them make better informed decisions.

The Commission has just finished the challenging task of collating and fact-checking a wide range of data from across government and industry to produce an easy to read 19-page industry snapshot.

The document provides one of the clearest pictures yet of the Queensland petroleum and gas industry.

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eco-tourism and gas

Meryl from Boobook Ecotours runs tours of the Roma region showing visitors how the region's farming community has worked alongside the gas industry for over a decade.

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communication is key

Curly is a property owner near Wallumbilla who says good communication is the key to a successful outcome when negotiating with gas companies.

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applied biosecurity

We've been working with the Livestock Biosecurity Network, AgForce Qld and the Dept of Agriculture & Fisheries to provide landholders with clear information to help them work with resource companies on biosecurity planning.

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Compensation explained

Landholders may be entitled to compensation from resource companies to mitigate the impacts of company activities and infrastructure on their property.

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The GasFields Commission Queensland is a vital reference source for rural landholders, regional communities and the onshore gas industry in Queensland.
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The GasFields Commission Queensland is an independent organisation established to educate, engage and inform on all aspects of Queensland's gas industry.
New workforce forecasts
The Statistician's Office believes the CSG industry will continue to be the primary influence on the Surat Basin’s non-resident population to 2024 with new gas projects and expansions proposed for the region.
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law on the road
The Land Court of Queensland is taking the unprecedented step of engaging directly with landholders at community sessions in rural Queensland to demystify the Land Court process.
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