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Newsletter - Winter 2018
Insights from the gas fields #Queensland1st

Queensland has a long and pioneering history with gas.

A chance discovery in Roma in 1900 has grown into an industry that contributes billions of dollars to the economy, creates thousands of jobs, heats our homes, powers our industrial operations and drives a thriving export industry.

The rapid growth of the petroleum and gas industry has put Queensland on the map as a pioneering state with many 'firsts' for Australia.

Queensland was the first state in Australia to discover gas reserves, commercially produce oil, pipe gas directly to a capital city and explore and produce commercial amounts of coal seam gas.

Queensland can even claim a world first with the very first CSG to LNG export industry established in 2014.

Communities throughout Queensland's gas fields have experienced sweeping change as a result of petroleum and gas industry growth. 

Many of these communities have new cattle grids, wide sealed roads, extended power grids, better telecommunications and irrigation schemes that have greatly boosted productivity.

Some communities in the Surat Basin have even taken the opportunity to integrate oil and gas into their local tourism industry.

No one is claiming the progression has been smooth sailing. There have been many lessons learnt along the way but the improvements and accomplishments are well documented.

This winter edition of our newsletter features insights from the people who live and work in gas field communities in Queensland. 

To learn more about these landholder and business insights, as well as some of Queensland's many 'firsts', follow #Queensland1st on Twitter.

Or better yet, go and see #gascountry for yourself!

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Knowledge of groundwater systems

Graham Clapham is a landholder in Norwin who thinks we now have a greater understanding of groundwater systems than ever before because of the gas industry

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Many different forms of support

Trish Rowbotham from the Wallumbilla Campdraft Association says the support provided by gas companies is very important to her local community

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Rural traders and the gas industry

Michael Taylor from Midwest Rural Traders has seen an increase in gas companies working closely with local businesses in the Wallumbilla area

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Local procurement and employment opportunities

Camille Johnson from GoldenWest Apprenticeships in Roma talks about how the Maranoa locals continue to work with the petroleum and gas industry

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The Office of Groundwater Impact Assessment has released the latest annual report on the 2016 Surat UWIR
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