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Find out how to get connected with GasApp - our new phone app to help improve communications and information sharing in regional communities.
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GasApp is one of a kind.

GasApp gives people in the gas fields a simple but effective tool to calculate an estimate of compensation, stay in touch with industry developments, find important information and contact key agencies using their phone.

It is a first for any state or territory and believed to be the first of its kind in the world.

And it wasn’t easy.

Developed by the GasFields Commission and built here in Queensland, GasApp took almost a year to create and then another six months of consultation, adjustment, fine tuning and more consultation before finally evolving into a market ready product.

The formula needed to create a standardised compensation estimator was particularly challenging.

Every property, business, family, development and negotiation is different in some way so the GasFields Commission decided to use a common valuation method to give users the most realistic experience possible.

It’s not a legislative tool and it doesn’t give a legally binding result.

What it does do is walk stakeholders through a process of assessment and information gathering that they will need to successfully negotiate a compensation agreement.

It is designed to demystify the process.

It can’t take into account commercial negotiation skills or exceptional circumstances but it does give a robust baseline based on the information a user puts in.

But that’s not all GasApp does.

It’s also a platform for finding useful information about the gas industry and staying in touch with new developments.

The onboarding process allows the GasFields Commission to tailor information and notifications to specific areas and keep users up to date with activity in their area.

It has a library of information already laid out for easy access and links to other government agencies where users can leave comments or raise concerns.

It is a simple, easy to use tool to keep users up to date and if they live in an area with poor reception, the app will automatically update when a user comes back into phone range.

The GasFields Commission believes GasApp sets a new standard for communications in the gas industry and will monitor its use closely and upgrade its functions as needed.

The best thing about it is that it’s free.

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The Estimator

The team at the Commission spent more than a year designing, testing, adjusting and testing the formula again and again before settling on the algorithm.

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Comments or Complaints

GasApp includes a simple comments section to quickly pinpoint the location and nature of issues, enquiries or concerns raised by users.

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Stay in Touch

Receive alerts direct to your phone from key agencies when relevant information becomes available.

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Information at your fingertips

The homepage of GasApp provides a library of information at your fingertips.

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