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Newsletter - Spring 2018
Water is a critical resource for both agriculture and the gas industry.
Simplifying the process

Water is one of the most important substances on Earth.

It’s a limited resource that’s critical for both agriculture and the gas industry.

That’s why groundwater is so extensively researched and monitored in Queensland and why groundwater take is so carefully regulated.

The downside of all that regulation is that the process can often be confusing, convoluted and mysterious to anyone trying to navigate it.

The Commission’s most recent challenge has been clarifying the government’s groundwater regulatory framework.

And what a complex process it can be.

Before any gas development occurs, gas companies are required to work closely with surrounding bore owners and conduct a baseline assessment of bore capacity.

Groundwater modelling then identifies which water bores are likely to be impacted by gas development and what those impacts are likely to be.

That starts another process of assessment, reporting and negotiation to determine what make good measures are required, if any at all.

Our Spring Newsletter is all about simplifying the make good process and highlighting some of the tools we've developed to help people through it.

Our collection of flow charts, checklists, decision tools and best practice recommendations were developed with wide stakeholder consultation to clearly identify the main misunderstandings and current practices.

The end results have been fact checked with government policy makers and are being made available through our regular face-to-face engagement activities.

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The Make good agreement process

Resource companies are required to take a number of steps to ensure water bore owners are not disadvantaged by their operations. Find out what steps to take if you think a bore may be impacted by gas development.

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Is my bore eligible for make good?

Bore assessments determine the capacity of a water bore and are required to establish if the bore is eligible for make good measures. We've developed a checklist to help you find out if a bore assessment is required.

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get connected with gasapp

Our easy-to-use phone app delivers customised gas industry information to your fingertips. Download it for FREE on Apple or Android devices.

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Knowledge of groundwater systems

Norwin landholder Graham Clapham attributes our greater understanding of groundwater systems to the gas industry. Check out Graham's video and browse through other landholder insights.

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Support Respect Balance
The GasFields Commission is an independent body that supports balanced and respectful relationships between landholders, government, regional communities and the gas industry.
Gas Industry
How can we help?
Key functions of the GasFields Commission include sharing information and connecting people with the right contacts to help answer questions about the gas industry.
Office of Groundwater Impact Assessment
OGIA is responsible for assessing and managing the impacts of groundwater extraction from resource operations in cumulative management areas.
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Department of Environment and Science
DES administers laws to protect groundwater resources and water quality, prohibit the use of harmful fraccing chemicals and manage the treatment and disposal of waste.
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